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In Part 1 of Use Article Directory Submission for an Effective Marketing Strategy, I told our story of how we started developing ideas for writing our articles.  I discussed things we do to come up with ideas.

In Use Article Directory Submission for an Effective Marketing Strategy:Part 2 , we discussed how you take that idea and transform it into a title.

You have your title line and what do you do next?

At this point in time, I take my original keyword in my title line, and expand the search to come up with other related keywords that might work in my article.

So let’s say we use Article Submission as our keyword.  If I put this in my google search window, it pulls up 14,900,000 results in (o.22 seconds).  Now I don’t know about you, but to me that fact alone is absolutely mind boggling.  The things Google does is simply awesome.

What we want to do is look at the left hand side of the page.

Click on that little arrow next to more search tools. Wow.  Look at all those cool ways to look at things.  But the one I want you to look at now is the Standard View – Related searches.  Once you click that, you will see a completely new list that you can run through your keyword research tool.

Related Google Searches

Is that too cool or what?   This is what people are searching for RIGHT NOW!  I love this part.

Ok.  Back to work.  You have your list of keywords in hand.  Write them down or have them up on your second monitor.  If you don’t have a second monitor, check out our video on How to use Dual Monitors and see how easy it is to set up.  But, I digress.

Now you have to write.  I know that’s the hard part.

Here is something you can do to get the juices flowing.  Take a couple of your keywords, go to one of the ezines, use those keywords to search articles and get idea.  DO NOT COPY.  Quickly jot down ideas and go back to work.

There are three key points that I want to stress to you when you are writing.

  1. Scanability:  Your article must be able to be scanned by today’s internet reader.  They want to be able to breeze over the written word.  Paragraphs should absolutely be no longer that three sentences.
  2. Bullets/Numbering:  Internet readers love bullet points.  Once again goes back to being able to scan the article.
  3. Emphasis: Place emphasis where you want by using bold, italicized, or Underlined. Once in awhile you can get away with CAPS, but do not use it frequently.  In today’s IM world, that is the equivalent of YELLING.

When you are writing for your own blog you can add images.

One of my readers once told me I needed more images.  And I felt like he had a valid point.  But in the ezines, many times they are not allowed.  So you must remember to paint the picture with your words.  And people love stories.  Can you tell it in story fashion?

A long time ago, I was told to start journaling.  And at that point in time, putting pen to paper was about the equivalent of eating Brussels sprouts.  🙁   So I would sit down with my pad of paper and my pen.  Do you know what I wrote?

I always started with my grocery list, which progressed to what I did that day, which progressed into flowing thinking.  Before I knew it, I had all kinds of little ideas and tidbits in the middle of the grocery list.  Kinda dumb, huh?  But it worked and I got past that writer’s brick wall.

HOMEWORK: If you haven’t yet, write your first article.  Remember the three key points, plaster a smile on your face (like you really mean it), and get to work.

Can’t wait to read it.  See you on the flip side.


P.S.  If you like this series on article submission, please help a fellow writer out and give me a tweet or bookmark.

We love to hear your comments.  Do you have any tips to share with our readers?

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In Part 1 of Use Article Directory Submission for an Effective Marketing Strategy, I told our story of how we started developing ideas for writing our articles.  I discussed things we do to come up with ideas.

In Part 2, I want to discuss how you take that idea and transform it into a title.

You have your idea.  Now, one of the most important parts of your article is your title line.  Why?

  • When you are submitting to the ezines, your title needs to be compelling enough to make that reader click on your title to access the article.   The competition for reader’s time is fierce and it takes a while to build up a following.  So your title must be intriguing without being stupid.

This is an example of a title line that is getting lots or reads: “Do You Know These Seven Elements of Online Success?”

Go to Go Articles and review some articles.  Great place for ideas, by the way.

  • Also, you need a keyword phrase in your title line that will display in the search results for Google, Yahoo, etc.  Can you guess what the keyword phrase is in the title above?  My guess would be Online Success.  I took my guess and plopped it into the keyword search tool and this was the result.

So you have located your keyword, but it is important to make the title make sense.  Now this one is not as easy as it sounds.  You might find an awesome long tail keyword phrase that does not have severe competition.  But working it into a dynamic title line sometimes takes some creative license.  And sometimes, there is some give and take.  Do you want more search engine punch or is it going on your own site where direct searches may not be as important?

You have your idea, your keyword phrase and a possible title line.  What do you do next?  This is what I do.  I use this awesome site, Advanced Marketing Institute, where you can put your title in and it analyzes it for emotional marketing value based on Intellectual, Empathetic, and Spiritual criteria.

I am going to use the title of this post and show you the results.

Adavanced Marketing Institute

Headline Analyzer

Now for a little homework.  What keyword phrase did I use?  Put this headline in the analyzer and bring the score up.

Or better yet, put in your title and start trying different values to bring up your score.  I usually like to tap into at least two of the criteria, Intellectual, Empathetic or Spiritual.  But this time, I accepted this one and moved on.  This site can get a little bit addicting.

Best of luck on all of your articles.  Get started today.


P.S.  For a great source for copy writing, don’t forget the Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords and also the Copy Writer’s Guild.

P.S.S.  Part 3 in a few days.  See you then!

P.S.S..S.  If you already know all this stuff, check out this great Article Submitter Program.

For part three, go to Use Article Directory Submission for an Effective marketing Stategy:Part 3

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