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Start a Blog – How to use internet property to effectively position yourself

What is a blog for?

This is a great question.  To start, we should examine the blog definition. When I first starting looking into blogs, I didn’t realize that it was the contraction for web log. According to Wikipedia, “a blog is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. “

These entries are a post.  The owner of the site makes new blog posts whenever they have something they wish to share.  Post is a noun and a person can also post.

What are blogs used for?

  • Personal Blog – in personal blogging, the individual wants to convey to family and friends what is happening in his or her life.  They may post a video to show something funny, usually using a youtube video.  In personal blogs, pretty much everything is fair game.
  • Club Blog – There are all kinds of Club blogs, fan clubs, social groups, even church blogs. These blogs usually have a specific purpose.
  • Business blogs – Blogs for business are springing up everywhere for every type of business.
    • Online business blog
    • Small Business Marketing blog
    • Even big businesses are getting into the blog world to add that personal touch.

People come back to your blog site to view your latest blog post.

What do you make your blog posts about?

That depends entirely on your focus for your blog.  What do you want to blog about?

  • Are you expressing your political or spiritual views.
  • Do you want to promote the Tiger’s Football Team events?
  • Are you thinking about starting an online or home based business?
  • Do you have a store front and want additional traffic brought to you?

Can you make free blog posts?

Sure.  There are many good sites that you can create a free blog site.

You can also pay for a blog site.

  • SquareSpace.com

Get started now!.  Make your presence known on the internet.

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