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Sharon is a happy camper.  When mama’s happy, everybody is happy.  We finally realized a lifelong dream of Sharons.  She has always wanted to own a jeep.  Did she dream of owning a brand new jeep?  No.  She wanted an older one, one that she wasn’t afraid of beating up.  Because, you see, she loves nature.  She loves going to places that you can’t get to by everyday means.

The trail in Ocala National Forest.

This desire intensified when we went to Sedona, Arizona and rented a jeep for the day.  We got into areas that you could only get there by a 4 wheel drive vehicle or a horse.   She said NO to the horse.  🙂

Many of our pictures at the top of our site are from those excursions during that 24 hour period.

We took our first real break from our business this Saturday and went Jeeping in the Ocala National Forest.  But even as we were driving to our destination, as always our discussion turned to our business which we love.  Internet marketing has so many twists and turns that you need a score card to keep up.

We were deep in the forest and suddenly we came to a crossroads.  Which way to go?  Now, I am going to admit to something that an experienced jeeper should never admit to.

Ocala National Forest crossroads - which way to go?

I came unprepared.  I had no map, nothing to tell me where I was at or where to go to.  We were wandering aimlessly with no sense of direction.  What if I got stuck?  Or we broke down?  Hello, sir, I am in the Ocala National Forest, please come get me.  Duh!

While we did do some trails and managed to get the jeep quite muddy, we did decide to go straight so we could find our way back out.  But I am sure, we probably missed some pretty cool stuff.  So we found the Rangers Visitor center, got maps, came home, looked online for more detailed maps, and planned the next strategy.

Excursions into the forest is much like internet marketing.  Without a road map, or game plan, of where you want to go or what you want to achieve, you can end up using valuable time aimlessly.

There is internet marketing software that includes great training.  Get a road map.  Don’t wander aimlessly.  Have a sense of purpose and direction.

Truman - Experience at the wheel.

Wishing you all the best!   Grab those dreams.


P.S.  Meet me at the crossroads, I have your map to successfully market your business.

P.S.S.  Join us in the Tattler Forum that is coming soon.  Revealing our tips, tricks, and crossroad experiences and sharing and learning from yours.

P.S.S.S.  What crossroads have you experienced or dreams realized?  Share the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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In Part 1 of Use Article Directory Submission for an Effective Marketing Strategy, I told our story of how we started developing ideas for writing our articles.  I discussed things we do to come up with ideas.

In Part 2, I want to discuss how you take that idea and transform it into a title.

You have your idea.  Now, one of the most important parts of your article is your title line.  Why?

  • When you are submitting to the ezines, your title needs to be compelling enough to make that reader click on your title to access the article.   The competition for reader’s time is fierce and it takes a while to build up a following.  So your title must be intriguing without being stupid.

This is an example of a title line that is getting lots or reads: “Do You Know These Seven Elements of Online Success?”

Go to Go Articles and review some articles.  Great place for ideas, by the way.

  • Also, you need a keyword phrase in your title line that will display in the search results for Google, Yahoo, etc.  Can you guess what the keyword phrase is in the title above?  My guess would be Online Success.  I took my guess and plopped it into the keyword search tool and this was the result.

So you have located your keyword, but it is important to make the title make sense.  Now this one is not as easy as it sounds.  You might find an awesome long tail keyword phrase that does not have severe competition.  But working it into a dynamic title line sometimes takes some creative license.  And sometimes, there is some give and take.  Do you want more search engine punch or is it going on your own site where direct searches may not be as important?

You have your idea, your keyword phrase and a possible title line.  What do you do next?  This is what I do.  I use this awesome site, Advanced Marketing Institute, where you can put your title in and it analyzes it for emotional marketing value based on Intellectual, Empathetic, and Spiritual criteria.

I am going to use the title of this post and show you the results.

Adavanced Marketing Institute

Headline Analyzer

Now for a little homework.  What keyword phrase did I use?  Put this headline in the analyzer and bring the score up.

Or better yet, put in your title and start trying different values to bring up your score.  I usually like to tap into at least two of the criteria, Intellectual, Empathetic or Spiritual.  But this time, I accepted this one and moved on.  This site can get a little bit addicting.

Best of luck on all of your articles.  Get started today.


P.S.  For a great source for copy writing, don’t forget the Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords and also the Copy Writer’s Guild.

P.S.S.  Part 3 in a few days.  See you then!

P.S.S..S.  If you already know all this stuff, check out this great Article Submitter Program.

For part three, go to Use Article Directory Submission for an Effective marketing Stategy:Part 3

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