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Have you ever had one of those moments when a thought smacks you square in the face, and it makes you think in a completely different way?

My wife and I were traveling across country for my job.  I hauled race cars around the country for race team promotional events.  It was a great job.  We got to see many places that we might not necessarily have wanted to visit.  Talk about broadening your horizons.

Jerome Car Show - Michael Waltrip Car 99

But any way, back to my paradigm shift.  We were traveling east through New Mexico on Interstate 40 and I was thinking boy, this sure was prettier on the trip westward.  And all of sudden, like a bolt of lightning, I thought, it’s all about perspective.  Now this really isn’t a novel idea, by any means.   But it is one we often tend to overlook.  But that morning it really hit home, as we had been wrestling with some important decisions and had hit the proverbial brick wall.

And to this day, when faced with a dilemma, I try to use the my traveling perspective for creative problem solving.  When faced with a problem, I think about myself in the seat of my Chevy 3500 dually pickup truck and look at the problem like a solid, un-scalable wall.  I drive east past that huge, smooth wall and then make a u-turn and look at the wall again.  This time I can see cracks and crevices enough to get a toe or finger hole.  I can see myself climbing up and over that wall.

This is what problem solving is all about.  Take your fear or anxiety out of the picture.  Look at the problem from a different perspective.

  • How would your best friend handle it or your parent?
  • Can it be whittled down to smaller, manageable pieces?
  • Can you call on your network of friends to assist?
  • How could you spin it in a positive light?

If ideas don’t come right away, sleep on it.  It is amazing what clear thoughts you will have in the morning.

Take control of your problems today.

Wishing you all collapsible walls.

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It’s finally here, the Winter Games.  People, globally, give up their normal routines in order to watch their country’s Olympian champions, battle for the gold.  They all admire the athletes that participate in the event.  What is it about them that makes them successful?

  • Drive and Determination When examined closely, observation indicates that all champion athletes universally have drive and determination, whether they are super bowl winners or Olympic gold medal winners.  The champion’s level of commitment has limitless depths.  Champions consider failures milestones towards achievement.
  • Persistence involves practice, application, and then evaluation.  What worked?  What didn’t?  How can it be made better?  Practice with persistence improves strength and confidence.
  • Motivation – The athletes motivation stems from the deep love or passion for what is being done. Motivation is internal and external factors that stimulate desire and energy to exert persistent effort in attaining a goal.  This is the champion’s why!
  • Focus – A champion has tunnel vision.  The champion refuses to let distractions deter him from his goal.  Who wouldn’t like that extra fifteen minutes of sleep or a night out with the boys.  But the champion knows that it is with single mindedness that the victory will be accomplished.
  • Vision – Champions picture themselves at the finish line finishing first.  Their vision has a specific direction with specific results.
  • Teamwork – Every champion knows there must be teamwork, even with a solitary sport.  The team includes supportive spouses, parents, or coaches.  Champions need time and energy in that single determination for victory.  The support team helps to reduce daily life extractions from interfering.
  • Coaching – mentoring, help from someone who has been there, done that, and can be objective about what needs to be corrected.

You might ask what does this all have to do with business ownership?  These same characteristics that are seen in the champion repeatedly, are also displayed in the successful entrepreneur.

When most people make the decision to become a business owner, they do so for a variety of reasons.  This reason is their why or motivating factor.  Perhaps they want more time with their family or a flexibility of schedule.  When motivation comes into play, the other characteristics stay on a straight and narrow path.

Many people start their business in a part time capacity, continuing to work at full time jobs.  This is when the champion attributes of persistence, drive, and determination most come into play.  Many people need to work this fledgling business around family life.  At first it may be a struggle to give up the time that had previously been spent with family and friends.  But with a vision of the end goal, knowing that the efforts are for the betterment of the family, the business will continue to grow and thrive.

Make sure to include your family as your team. Why is this important?  When family members are not included in the vision and the motivation, often there is a break-down of communication and the support ceases.  Businesses can take an extended length of time to mature and be prosperous.  Continued support of family is vital to success.  Of course, the role of the spouse or significant other is vastly different from minor children.  With creativity, everyone can feel important and are willing to make certain sacrifices.

When exploring the possibilities of becoming a business owner, define your vision.  What are you wanting to achieve.  Does your vision include flexible hours or working at home in your jammies?  Do you want a bigger house, a sportier car, or maybe saving for college education?  Be specific.  Create a visualization board and keep those reminders close.

On of the most difficult champion qualities is focus.  There are many outside distractions.  Refer to your vision and your why to stay focused.  If your goal is two hours a day before the work day in your home office, focus on that schedule.  Do not let other things interfere.

Find a person in your chosen field that you admire.  Learn from them.  Watch what they do.  Apply their methods with methods of others to create a unique combination specific to you.

We all have the Olympian champion abilities.

  • Define your why.
  • Create your vision.
  • Apply drive, determination, and persistence.
  • Stay focused.
  • Include teamwork and coaching

and you will have a successful business venture.

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