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Insurance point of view

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Update:  Insurance reality  5/11/2010

In the Tampa paper this morning was an article about how some industry leaders are going to deal with government run insurance. It was reported that AT&T could save over 4 billion dollars if they terminated the insurance coverage that they are currently providing their employees and pay the government penalty for stopping it. This is a trend that will be set by the larger corporations in our country and to be followed by all industry. It looks like government run insurance will put a complete stop to what we currently call employer supplied insurance benefit.


I am afraid that with the government creating insurance rules there are going to be big problems in the near future. I think it is a good idea for everyone to have health insurance, but I believe that the program is going to cause the current companies who are supplying some kind of coverage for their employees and retirees to stop. It will create an opportunity for employers to offer the coverage but at full cost instead of a benefit.

I know that times are tough economically and companies are looking for ways to cut cost. I understand the position they are in, but when things get turned back around and profits are being realized the insurance will not come back. Once out they will stay out and the total cost of coverage will be on us. Some people say it should be that way but one thing that is being left out is the fact that the workers took a smaller pay raise throughout the years so the insurance would be a benefit. So in real terms the companies are only paying for the coverage with our money in the first place. If they are going to take away the insurance then the employees should get the cost in their weekly wages.

I am not in favor of taking away some of the benefits of those who do have it and giving it to those who are without. There is no incentive for a company to find a way to provide coverage if the government is going to force us to buy the coverage. Jobs are hard to find and especially the kind that offer health insurance. I say don’t take it away from those who have it, but find a way for those who don’t have to be able to afford it.

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Being raised in the Midwest, owning guns was a way of life. My father took me hunting at an early age and so I did the same with my children. The fact of owning a gun was never a thought to me, it was a given that everybody owned guns.

Along came the people who think you should never own a gun, guns kill people, so the debate begins. Should you be able to own a gun or not in America? The answer is in the eye of the beholder. What is the reason for owning a gun and do you know how to properly handle the gun?

I do believe that if you are going to own a gun you should know how and when to use it safely. It should not be something you fear but you should respect it and what it can do.

We have examples of nations that have banned gun entirely, the result is the criminal knows that there is no strong opposition while committing a crime. I don’t know if I could use a gun on another human or not but the good part is the criminal doesn’t know either. So, just the thought that I may have a weapon could deter a criminal from trying to cause me harm.

I will agree that we need to try to keep the guns out of the hands of the criminals. I don’t believe I should be denied the right to own one if I am a law abiding citizen. If we give up the right to own weapons the only people with them will be the government and criminals. I do believe we can trust the military but I don’t trust the criminals and history has proven in the past that as time goes by you would not be able to trust the military either.

As countries try to disarm their people they soon find out that the crime rate goes up at an alarming rate and there is nothing they can do about it. Because of this the criminal becomes very bold. There is no threat when you have a gun and you know that the rest of the people don’t.

Let me know what you thank, after all it is America where you can say what is on your mind anytime you want.

Do you think we as Americans should be able to own guns?

Do you think we as Americans should be able to carry guns on us?

Do you think we as Americans should give up our guns?

Do you think that giving up our guns will keep them out of the hands of the criminals?

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