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Is this scene familiar?

  • Living paycheck to paycheck without anything extra for emergencies
  • Credit cards maxed out
  • Facing possible foreclosure on home
  • Out of work, with no work in site

If you face one or several of these, read the following story of Jane and Jack (names have been changed to protect the innocent).

Jane was filled with despair.  But, out of the blackness came a ray of hope.

She was searching online for part time jobs to supplement her income.  An ad popped up for a book called, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki


The summary intrigued her.  She went online and purchased the book.  Three years later she still considers this one of the best investments towards her financial freedom.

Jane sat down and read the book cover to cover.  She made her husband read it cover to cover.  On her first read, the idea she remembers the most was to have a “can do attitude”.  She had a can do attitude.  She was a hard worker and smart.

Jane sat down and read it again.  This time she had paper and pencil handy.  These were some of the things that caught her attention.

  • The importance of financial literacy
  • Minding your own business
  • You are what you think and do
  • A job is a short-term solution to a long-term problem
  • The rich have a corporation

Jane knew that she had a lot of work ahead of her.  She didn’t have the money to buy a franchise, but she did know that she had a wealth of time.

Step 1 in Jane’s financial freedom plan was to grow her financial literacy.  She went to her public library, got, and read all the different books on wealth building.  Some of the were, well quite frankly boring, but others filled her with excitement.

She began to see repeating patterns within the books.  The differences between an asset and a liability finally sank in.

“An asset earns you money and a liability burns your money.”

Another thing that Jane and Jack learned was that they needed an honest evaluation of their money management style.

Boy was that hard to do!  They sat down and listed all their assets and liabilities.  With this honest look, they found out they were heavy on the liability side.  In fact, they had no assets.

Now you might say, what about their home?

But when Jane applied the axiom “An asset earns you money and a liability burns your money”, they realized they had no assets.  In fact, once it was down on paper, they were horrified to see what they were spending their money on.

And that black and white paper, where there was no opportunity for self delusion, convinced them to create a new plan.

Robert Kiyosaki advises that when paying your bills, pay these first:

  • 10 percent – charity/church
  • 10 percent – self
  • 10 percent – investment

Jane and Jack decided to make another investment in themselves.  They purchase the Rich Dad board game, Cashflow 101.

Jack and Jane received the game a few days later.  Now that story is for the next post, so check back soon.  🙂

Here’s hoping that you have taken the time to expand your financial literacy.


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Real Results – Real People



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