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9 Compelling Reasons to be an Internet Marketer


If you want to have an online business, you have to learn internet marketing.  Why should you want an online business?

Here are the benefits of a home business versus a brick and mortar business.

  • Low Cost – The cost is extremely low for a business startup.  No mortgage or rent.  No utilities  No furnishings.  No Salaries.  The cost of advertising is negligent.
  • 24/7 – Where can you have a business that’s open 24/7?  Well, there’s Walmart, but you can’t run that single handed.
  • BE YOUR OWN BOSS – to me this should be number 1.  Is it scary for some people.    But if you work hard for a living wouldn’t you rather work hard for yourself and your financial future?
  • Flexibility – No more 8 – 5 or midnights or weekends.  That is unless you want to.  I am an early morning person and my best time starts at 5.  By noon, I am done, I want to be in the pool.
  • Equal Opportunity – This one is great.  It doesn’t matter what race you are, how old you are, if you are cross-eyed, 7 feet tall, or what country you are from.    It doesn’t matter.  All that matters is your determination.
  • Free Ads – Don’t we all love Free?
  • Sell Anything – Let’s face it.  You can sell anything on the internet.  With the internet, the individual levels the playing field with the big giants of retail.  And sometimes we get ahead.  Have you noticed how even the big companies are on Facebook and twitter?
  • No recession online – Online sales continue to rise.  It is advantageous for people to shop online.  Why?  Competitive prices, wider selection, never leave their armchair, save on gas.
  • Internet Marketing strategies are simple to learn with great training.   Learn to use the existing tools.  A good internet marketing tool expedites your success.

With these benefits to online selling, what’s stopping you today?

Implement the four characteristics of success and create financial freedom.

  • Desire to change
  • Willingness to learn
  • Make no excuses
  • Take action  If you don’t take that first step, right, wrong,or indifferent, you don’t move forward.

Wishing you all the best in everything.


Truman and Sharon enjoying a friend’s retirement party.

Truman and Sharon

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  10. Hi Sharon,
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