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Truman’s Five Top Reasons Why not to Permit Cats in Your Home Office


I have a work at home business.  I also have two cats.  I try to sneak into my office, without them knowing.  But they do.  How they know, I don’t know.  Why do I care?  Here are my five top reasons:

5.  The cat snoring interrupts my internet marketing thoughts.   Internet markting requires intense concentration while implementing the various strategies.

4.  I must take care when sitting down in my swivel office chair, as it might elicit fierce cat howling, an extended cat claw, and other forms of strange cat behavior.  It makes me think longingly of clipping those  cat claws.  But that brings on the even stranger behavior of me chasing them around the house.  (We all know who wins that one.)

3.  They think absolutely nothing of leaving hairs all over my expensive ergo office chair.   In fact, it is a required cat behavior, like following me into the bathroom.    Do I follow them into the litter box?   I think not!!!!

2.  They choose, at very odd times, to exhibit personal cat grooming, by bathing on your stack of papers in that leg behind the ear posture.  They pause at every sound to stare vacantly at nothing before resuming the cleaning  of various cat parts.

1.  They walk across your keyboard.   Correspondence goes out of your home office containing strange and foreign aiweurej to your friends and contacts.  They choose to pounce on the mouse as they are sure it has extreme mouse problems and need to defend you.  Then after the ferocious attack, they reward themselves by taking a nap on your keybord, not caring that your keyboard keys are stuck in a repetitive fashionononon.

Even though they have taken over my office. we have come to a truce.  When a man loves his wife, he has to love her cats.  They certainly make working at home entertaining.

You too can build wealth and have the joys of cat companionship with your online business.

Wishing you all the success on your aoieujvasdru.

Sorry, cat again.


P.S.  Find out how I got to trade in my boss with only pennies.

P.P. S.  Ok, ok, so  I have traded my boss for my cats (who most times are my boss).

Office Cats Hard at Work

Office Cats Hard at Work

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