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Use Article Directory Submission for an Effective Marketing Strategy


Part 1

Submitting articles to ezines is an effective long-term strategy for promoting your website.  It captures the attention of people that you would normally not ever come into contact with.  It provides validation for you.  They see you everywhere and get a chance to know you through your writing.  And it provides a link to your site, capturing more attention from the bots and spiders crawling the world wide web.

There are a couple of obstacles for most people when it comes to producing articles.

  1. What to write about.
  2. Once you have an article written, what do you do with it?

When we first started, we thought “What in the world are we going to write about?”  So we started with a list of all of our experiences (and considering our ages, it was quite a list) and we also included a list of products we would like to promote.  This list changes all the time as we go through our growing process here on the net.

But anyway, back to the beginning.  We decided to start with our product, MLM Lead System Pro.

MLM Lead System Pro

MLM Lead System Pro

Coincidentally, that product was providing great training on how to use article submission for internet promotion.  We went through the system, listing all the pros of the program and developing paragraphs around it.

You can see one of our first efforts in our post “Generate no Cost Leads for Your Business”.  At the time, we were not very excited about the final product.  And to be honest, it is a bit intimidating to be expressing yourself where everybody can see it.  Talk about putting yourself out there.  But over time, this article has been one of our reader’s favorites.  If you look to the right at the most commented posts, you will see that it is the leader as far as generating responses from our readers.

Now we were also trying to keep in mind copy writing, which is a skill in and of itself.  For a great book on copy writing see, The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords by Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd.

As we continued through our process, we found that writing about topics that interested us or we were passionate about, made the process a whole lot easier.  We created some articles that were off the track of internet marketing in our struggle to create content.  However, we believe in the process of our readers getting to know us.  Our somewhat eclectic style seems to be working for us.

So what do you do when there is writers block?  This is what I do:

  1. Go back through interesting books for inspiration
  2. Take a walk (that one almost sounds too easy)
  3. Look at other peoples blog posts
  4. Reread our reader’s comments.  We read all the comments before posting them to the web.  We look at the attached websites.  If we don’t understand the comment, we try to contact the individual through their listed email.

In some mysterious manner, an idea will pop into my head and I go to my laptop and just start typing.   I read a very good post on writing articles, and I wish I could remember the site, but they recommended an outline with basic ideas.  While I really like that idea, it just doesn’t work for me, but it may for you to help flush out ideas.  Truman is an avid newspaper reader and many of his ideas come from current events.  Ideas are everywhere.  Every topic has been done a “gozillion” times.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t put your own unique spin on it.

My point is this.  You have to take that first step and get out there.  Good, bad, or indifferent, if you aren’t making the effort you will never know how good you can truly be.  Find your idea and write.

In  Part 2, we are going to talk about the Title Line.

So until then, put your pen to paper or fingers on the keyboard and start writing.


Truman and Sharon enjoying a friend's retirement party.

P.S.  If you have an article you would like someone to read, feel free to send it to me at sharon@trumanburger.com.   Truman and I would love to read it.  There is nothing like an impartial input.

P.S.S.  What do you do to get around your writer’s block?

Enjoy “Use Article Directory Submission for an Effective Marketing Strategy:Part 2“.

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