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What are the Stumbling blocks for the business of your dreams?

Avoiding the problem areas of MLM building

Avoiding the problem areas of MLM building

What are the stumbling blocks for building the business of your dreams?

There are many keys to building a successful business.  Some keys are outside your control.  But the most important key is Yourself.  Ask yourself, “Are you the biggest stumbling block to your own success?” If success keeps eluding you, read on.

How you view yourself will determine whether your business succeeds or fails.  You must prepare yourself for success.  You must change your mind set for unlimited potential.  How do you do this?

  • You are your business, not the widgets or services that you sell, but YOU!.  Learn to put yourself at the forefront.  Take stock of your skills and assets.  What do YOU possess that will propel you into success?  We all possess them, but we need to dig down and do a detailed examination.  Often we are unable to see what our assets truly are.  What are yours?  Make that list right now.
  • Start believing today that you are worthy of success.  You must feel this in your bones.  You must act as if success has already arrived.
  • Visualize yourself as successful.  Picture YOU living in that elegant, waterfront home, or driving that fast, powerful car, or jetting around the world to exotic places.  When you visualize, put yourself in that car or skiing down that far away mountain.  Walk through that home, look through the windows at the fabulous view, or touch the lustrous fabrics of the furniture.  This is the fun part, dreaming.  Be the dream.  Look from the inside of the dream at the world around you.
  • Give value to those around you. Are you a mentor?  Do you give of your time or money to charities or church?  What you give will return to you tenfold.
  • Don’t allow others to block you from becoming who you were meant to be.  Say NO to negative opinions,   Walk away from the naysayers.  This is probably one of the hardest things that all of us face in the process of changing ourselves.  While it is a hard thing to say, sometimes those who are closest to us to do not have our best interest’s at heart.  But this is the most powerful part.  We do have the control over this.  We do control our feelings and our responses.

Part of the process of recreating YOU is educating yourself.  Read inspirational books.  Attend seminars and lectures.  Join clubs.  Always be learning and growing.  I have learned a great deal from Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring book.  He explores self-value and how to propel yourself into a leadership role.

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