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I was listening to the radio in the car this morning.  And on the station, the DJ was interviewing a musician about his latest song.  They were accepting phone callers.

A lady came on and wanted to compliment the artist on his song, but then went on to tell him that her niece knew him.  Naturally, the singer wanted to know the niece’s name.  And so the caller supplied the name and there was a this long pause and he said, “ I don’t mean to sound insincere, but I do not recognize her name.  The caller said that her niece had received a text message from him and so the call went back and forth, yes you did, no I didn’t, that kind of thing.

Finally, the singer told the caller that he would stay on the show for an extra five minutes, to allow the niece to text or call him, and he would apologize on the air for not recognizing the name.

I listened for a long time and they never came back on, so I am assuming that the caller was misinformed about her niece’s association.

I have two points to this story….

  • People do not need to be name-droppers to be important.  The caller’s niece evidently thought she had to tell her aunt this information to elevate her status with the aunt.  This seems to be a prevalent theme in this country, that you are who you know.

I refuse to believe that.  I believe it is what you know and what you do with that knowledge.  Can you learn from your associations?  Absolutely, yes.  It is vital to associate yourself with individuals who truly have your best interests at heart and make you reach upward.  Great training from professionals in your chosen area of study can always boost your endeavors and self-confidence.

  • The second point is this.  Don’t believe everything you hear!  Always consider your sources reliability.  I cannot say this enough.  As internet marketers, we hear all kinds of exaggerated stories about fast accumulation of wealth and how easy it is.  It is very important to consider the source.  Do the research.

I was so very fortunate to attend a seminar at which General Colin Powell was speaking.  I have been a big fan for many years and felt privileged to get to hear him (and yes, I was in the nosebleed section).

General Powell said this about effective leadership, “Empower the troops with Goals and a Sense of Purpose.  Take care of the troops.”  He also said, “ Inspire someone to achieve the purpose and they will be self-motivated.  General Powell’s statement resonates as truth with me.  As a trainer in my current and past chosen careers, I care for and guide those I am responsible for until they are able to fly on their own.  .

In conclusion:

  • Associate yourself with someone who believes that your success is as important as his or her own.
  • Look for mentors who provide true value and answer your questions.
  • Do the research – validate.  Take the time to watch and listen.
  • Work hard for what you want.  Learn, apply, grow, learn again.

Your success is dependent upon YOU.  We are fortunate in internet marketing to be able to learn from many talented individuals:  Perry Marshall: Google Adwords, Mike Dillard: Magnetic Sponsoring, Omar Martin, Brian Finale to just name a few.

However, it is this acquired knowledge  combined with your personality and skills that is going to provide a WIN-WIN.  And when you are at the top, remember to give a helping hand.  Always pay it forward online.

Wishing you all the success, wherever you want it.

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Inspiration Through Music

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What is it that inspires you?  When there are roadblocks in your path what do you turn to in order to overcome them?  There are many things in this world we can turn to which inspire us on to greater things.  For some people it is the actions of great people of the past.  Others look at inspirational quotes or perhaps have a role model in life they look up to.  For me the strongest form of inspiration comes in the form of music.

Have you ever heard a piece of music that affected you so strongly it almost seemed to take you out of reality or triggered some deep emotion?  I know I have.    Often times before I work on something, need to make a decision, come up with an idea, or just think a situation through I find a place to be by myself and just listen to music.  The right music at the right time can bring clarity to the mind and push out all the extraneous thoughts of the day allowing you to focus on the matter at hand.  If you are having trouble with something in your life I encourage each of you to try just finding a quiet space, putting on some music, closing your eyes and just letting the emotion of the music flow over you while you think about what you need to do.

Now as I said before, the right music at the right time can bring clarity to the mind.  For some people bands like Slayer may work, but for me personally heavy death metal just isn’t what I’m looking for.  I have found through listening to tons of music that instrumental music seems to be the most effective for clearing your mind.  A friend recently introduced me to an artist known as Ed Alleyne Johnson.  He is world famous for playing the electric violin.  Below is a youtube video to one of his live performances.

(Want to hear more? Check out Ed’s CDs  Symphony and Purple Concerto)

As the 19th century French Poet Victor and Hugo put it, “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent.”  There are some problems to great and emotions to deep in each of our lives to be faced with nothing but silence or the incessant chatter of the modern world.  Music is the means with which we can face these problems, understand these emotions, and ultimately emerge better for it.

So I ask again, what is it that inspires you?  Are you willing to put aside the busy, noisy, and sometimes overwhelming modern world and take some time for yourself?  I challenge each of you to spend 15 minutes each day doing nothing but listening to music and see what effect it has on you.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

What music have you heard that inspires you?  Feel free to post it in the comments below or send me an email at mat@trumanburger.com!

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