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Have you ever had one of those moments when a thought smacks you square in the face, and it makes you think in a completely different way?

My wife and I were traveling across country for my job.  I hauled race cars around the country for race team promotional events.  It was a great job.  We got to see many places that we might not necessarily have wanted to visit.  Talk about broadening your horizons.

Jerome Car Show - Michael Waltrip Car 99

But any way, back to my paradigm shift.  We were traveling east through New Mexico on Interstate 40 and I was thinking boy, this sure was prettier on the trip westward.  And all of sudden, like a bolt of lightning, I thought, it’s all about perspective.  Now this really isn’t a novel idea, by any means.   But it is one we often tend to overlook.  But that morning it really hit home, as we had been wrestling with some important decisions and had hit the proverbial brick wall.

And to this day, when faced with a dilemma, I try to use the my traveling perspective for creative problem solving.  When faced with a problem, I think about myself in the seat of my Chevy 3500 dually pickup truck and look at the problem like a solid, un-scalable wall.  I drive east past that huge, smooth wall and then make a u-turn and look at the wall again.  This time I can see cracks and crevices enough to get a toe or finger hole.  I can see myself climbing up and over that wall.

This is what problem solving is all about.  Take your fear or anxiety out of the picture.  Look at the problem from a different perspective.

  • How would your best friend handle it or your parent?
  • Can it be whittled down to smaller, manageable pieces?
  • Can you call on your network of friends to assist?
  • How could you spin it in a positive light?

If ideas don’t come right away, sleep on it.  It is amazing what clear thoughts you will have in the morning.

Take control of your problems today.

Wishing you all collapsible walls.

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Thanks for coming back, I hope the tips from yesterday are of help to you and here are a few more to make your purchase a more enjoyable and financially rewarding time.

Do some research, go in with knowledge so they can’t fool you and they will know it right away. With the knowledge you will be able to bargain better and end up with a much better deal without a lot of frustration. Also act as if you are not committed to a certain brand of vehicle even if you are, they will try harder to get you as a customer with hopes of you being a repeat customer in the future.

Be careful what you say while inside the building or in close proximity of the sales person. They seem to have very good hearing and if they hear any excitement in your voice it will be brought to the attention of the financial person and the deal will be stacked to their side. Wait until your are away from the agency and do your celebrating then.

Keep quiet about buying with cash. If ask just say you have to hear all the options before deciding. Once again they make money financing for you so keep your options open. Also, if you are planning on trading a vehicle in, don’t tell them up front how much you owe on it, they will ask and give you several reasons why they need to know but the bottom line is it should not effect the price of the car you are looking at. When the time comes and you have decided on a vehicle this is the time to do the figuring in the payoff on current vehicle and not when you start looking.

Try not to be confrontational, this will get you off to a bad start. Buying a new vehicle should be a pleasurable experience and most sales people today are being honest with you. The final decisions on the deals are usually made by people you never get to see. So, as the old saying goes, don’t shoot the messenger, it is not their fault if it doesn’t work out.

Good luck again,


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