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In Article Directory Submission parts 1 through 3, we explored getting together your ideas, keyword research, title line and last but not least, writing the article.

And so what do you do now?

Submit your article!

The most logical place to start is to post articles on your own website, blog or hub pages.  This establishes that this is your original article.

The next place to go is Ezine Articles. This is one of the top article directories for article submission.  The staff at ezine articles are very particular about  their article submissions.  The articles must be original and the only other place they can occur at time of submission is your own website , blog or hub pages.  As a new author, it will take 3 to 7 days for the article to be reviewed and approved.

Simply go the website at ezinearticles and submit your articles.

Join the members of Ezine Articles

Ezine Articles Sign up

Click on the Green Button, fill out a few short fields and you are the newest member.

It’s a very simple signup process.  Ezine Articles gives new members10 Initial Article Submissions.  If all their rules are followed members can earn a platinum status.  Before you submit your first article, make sure to read the article guidelines located under the Author Resources.

So maybe you aren’t ready to submit articles yet.  Go ahead and sign up.  Look around in the members area.  The Ezine Article Staff provides  a wide variety of resources for you to get started.  They will teach you how to submit an article.  The training includes:

  • Article Writing and Marketing
  • Article Title
  • Article Writing – Paragraph and Grammar Structure
  • Article Writing-Content Sources and Article Templates

The member’s area also provides tools for promoting your articles:

  • Banners

Sharon Burger, EzineArticles.com Platinum Author

  • Article Promotion
  • Title Suggestions
  • Article Diagnostic Center
  • Statistics
  • Social Media:  Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Myspace, Youtube

Remember, after poking around and getting familiar with the site, read the Ezine Article guidelines. Here are some important highlights:

  1. Must be an original article that you wrote.
  2. Must have good content and informative
  3. Maximum of 2 “self-serving” links confined to your resource box.
  4. The article body is your give and your author resource box is your take.
  5. Links should be relevant to the content of the article.
  6. Affiliate Links are allowed if you own the domain name.
  7. Article Body must be a minimum of 400 words.

A lot of rules but the best place for article marketing.  The basis to all their rules is this:

  • Write Quality Content
  • Respect people and provide links that will give them more.  If you want to promote an affiliate product, link back to your product page on your site.

Here are your three simple steps:

  1. Read rules
  2. Write Article
  3. Submit Article

Now go forth an conquer.

Check out this site when you are ready to submit an article.   This post provides some after submission ideas.

Wishing you happy writing, happy submitting and happy marketing.


P.S.  Want to try something else from Google when researching keywords for your article?

Get Google Alerts on your chosen keyword

Google Alerts customer on new locations on chosen keyword.


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There is a book called “The Secret”.  If you haven’t read it you need to stop what you are doing, and immediately read it.  The information packed in this little volume, is enough to turn your life completely around.

The pass key to your future.

Here is a brief synopsis.

The Secret” is about the law of attraction.  This is a universal law.  We can all relate to the law of gravity because we see it in action every day.  Drop your coffee mug and boy do you understand gravity.

The law of attraction has the same certainty.  But, unlike gravity, many times there is the non-immediate response from the law of attraction and this can cause us to forget it is in action.

The law of Attraction is like looking at yourself in a mirror.  Whatever you put out there, thoughts, feelings, actions, comes back at you.  This is a guarantee.

How can you put this into action?

The writers of The Secret present this affirmation:   “I am the master of my thoughts.”  Let’s break down this statement, and look at the definition of master.

Master can be a:


  • Original creation, such as Michelangelo’s Statute of David.
  • An overlord or Overseer
  • One who’s doctrines and teachings are followed by others
  • Passkey, the key to everywhere


  • To overcome
  • Deal successfully with
  • Dominate
  • Have a firm understanding or knowledge


  • Thought is the mental form and process that allows beings to model the world and to represent it according to their objectives, plans, needs, and desires.

If you take the different definitions of Master and the definition of thoughts, you can mold it into a positive statement of your own.

Brian Tracy says this,  “ You are a living magnet.  What you attract in your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts.”  He understands the Law of Attraction.

If we want good things in our lives, good relationships, good finances, good health, why in the world would we not be the master of our thoughts and only think positive things.

When I first started practicing this, I was overwhelmed with the number of thoughts that go racing through my mind.  Were my thoughts out of control?  Absolutely, yes.  Some days, they still can be like a runaway train.  But I have learned from The Secret, a trick.

We have a built in barometer to monitor our thoughts.  And that is our feelings.  If we are feeling good, happy, joyful, we are thinking good, happy, joyful thoughts.  And if we are feeling sad, anxious, unhappy, depressed, we are thinking sad, anxious, unhappy, depressed thoughts.  There is no way to think positive thoughts and feel bad and the opposite is true as well.

Sometimes, our personal world can fell as if it is out of our control.  We are torn by our boss, or family, or responsibilities.  And we can feel like we have no control.  But that is the delusion.  We do have control.  We can change how we think on a daily basis.

Have you ever had one of those days when everything seems to go wrong, one right after the other?  And then, finally, I have to laugh at that last one and suddenly, it stops.  Why can’t I remember to laugh after the first one happens, and stop the chain right there?

Well, my friends, that is what practicing the Law of Attraction is about.  Taking control.  Being the master of your thoughts.

Sharon Burger

P.S. Like watching movies better?

Change your life today!

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