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Use Long Term Goals to End Every Day Frustration


I ran across a quote the other day that made me sit back and think.  This quote is from James Cash Penney, founder of the J.C. Penny Stores.

“Long-range goals keep you from being frustrated by short-term failures.”

We have all heard of the J.C. Penney stores.  What we might not know is that James Cash Penney began his dream of an empire in 1902.  That is over 100 years ago!   In 1924 Penney was earning an income of 1.5 million dollars per year.  I have no clue what that would translate into today’s earnings.  The stock market crash caused him financial ruin.  Of course, with his business intelligence, he was once again able to build his empire.

I guess my point in all of this is that some things are timeless.  His statement is as true today as it was many, many years ago.

In any beginning endeavor, there are limitless endless frustrations.  It is important to analyze and write down what your long term goal is for the endeavor.  I know from experience that it is difficult to envision what tomorrow will bring, let alone 5 years from now.  But it is that long term vision that will bring ultimate success.

Everyone has setbacks and failures.  It is how we learn.  While Truman and I were setting up this blog, and going through the growing process, we had countless difficulties.  I wish I had the time to tell you about all the things we have learned, all the things we did wrong and all the things we did right (somehow miraculously :).

I have my own little saying that drives Truman crazy.  “Keep your eye on the prize.”

So remember, “Long range goals keep you from being frustrated by short-term failures”. It is what you learn along the way through your trials and tribulations, which creates your business intelligence, that allows the long term goal to be achieved.

See Truman’s post on Smart Goals.

Next post –  Financial Intelligence.

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