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This morning, Truman and I were sitting outside on the lanai, having our breakfast.  We had planted canna outside the screened area and they were coming up nicely.  Truman said, “Have you ever noticed that there is always one that shoots up the highest even though they all get the same amount of sunshine, water, and food?”

Here was a row of plants, all coming off the same root, and one was knee height, several were about 8 inches tall, and still others were trying to decide if it was really worth it all.


And as we laughed about it, I got to thinking that life certainly mimics nature.

Let’s put this in the perspective of business owners.

  • Charge Forward – the tallest one is the driven, take charge individual.  He or she doesn’t let anything stand in their way of achieving what they want.  They boldly take chances that others wouldn’t.  They aren’t afraid to be the first in line or to try something first.  Everything seems effortless for them.  They skyrocket to the top of the leader board.
  • Steadfast – The middle bunch is the majority.  This majority works hard at building their businesses.  They achieve success at a slow and steady pace.  The majority watches to see what other’s are doing, especially the driven one.  They are slower to take a chance and sometimes it pays off and sometimes not.
  • Indecisive – The small one is just testing the water.  It takes them a long time to decide what they want to do.  Opportunities sometimes passes them by because of the length of time in the decision making process.  They might blame others for not achieving success.  The product wasn’t good enough or the leaders didn’t spend any time with them.

We all would like to be the successful “Charge Forward” Entrepreneur.  Can we become that person?  I like to think so.Canna Plant

The circle goes faster and faster, gaining speed and momentum, until the magic happens.

And you have become the person you want to be.

Wishing you all the success.


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