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Great Books

I wanted a page about books that have inspired me.    Having watched my retirement funds dwindle as all Americans have, I realized that I needed a different approach to how I viewed my financial matters.  These books gave me an “aha” moment in various ways.

Most of these books you can get at the Library, but all of them are worth purchasing and adding to your own personal library for additional study and reference.

I highly recommend that you make the time to read these.  You will be forever enriched.  I have added a link to Amazon Books for your convenience.

Incorporate and Grow Rich

This was the first book that I stumbled across.   For whatever reason, it came at a time that I most needed it.  Incorporate and Grow Rich provides you in a clear, easy to read manner the benefits of becoming You, Inc.

Incorporate and Grow Rich
Incorporate and Grow Rich by C.W. Allen and Cheri S. Hill

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

My next book was by a man name Robert Kiyosaki.  Robert wrote Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  This book teaches you how to think like the rich.  It is a very easy read.    Visit Rich Dad for more information on Robert Kiyosaki.

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