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“Media influence on athletes”


I always enjoy watching sporting events on TV, and I am excited for the winner, even if they are not the most popular one in the event or the one I like to follow.  Having watched media, TV, and newspaper coverage for many years, I have a mixed opinion on their reporting processes.

The media seems to focus on one person in an arena, even though there are multiple participants.  The constant coverage causes the individual to become a highly sought commodity by corporations for advertising purposes, which in turn makes them an asset for the media companies, so that all you hear about is that one particular person.  Is this person the best athlete?  Usually.  Is this person the best representative for his or her sport?  Maybe yes, and maybe no.

In much of the reporting today, the excitement and glory of winning is lost if the winner is not the media’s “chosen” star.  Their summary at the end of the event once again focuses on the successes and failures of that person.  For this reason, I chose not to listen to the summaries.

In the meantime, the other athletes are left out of the equation.  All of the athletes are talented individuals, or they would not be there.  This is unfair to the other athletes and to the general viewing population.  Many of us have favorites that we never get to hear about.

But I am caught in a dilemma.

Should the media step up to the plate and practice unbiased reporting?

Even though they need the revenues from advertisers to operate with a profit.

Or should the viewing public step up to the plate and switch the channel?

Which sometimes they cannot do as there is only one channel.

What is your opinion?

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