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The Selfless Service of the Arlington Ladies


I read an article that caught my eye.  Sharon and I had not heard of the Arlington Ladies.  Here is a short blurb about them.

Arlington Ladies’ Mission – No Soldier is ever buried alone.

The first group of Arlington Ladies was formed in 1948.  Air Force Chief of Staff General Hoys S. Vandenberg and his wife Gladys noticed that no friends or family was present to render a final salute.  And the concept of the Arlington Ladies began.

Today, the Air Force, Army and Navy, have a group of the Arlington Ladies.  The Ladies attend all Arlington burials.  They are present in the heat, snow, and rain.  They attend an average of five funerals a day.  They are not professional mourners.  They are there to pay homage to the soldiers who have given their lives for their county.

Arlington Ladies arrive at the service with a military escort.  They offer the bereaved family words of condolence, presenting a card from the Chief of Staff and his wife and a card from the Arlington Ladies.  Many times, it is this human touch, that the bereaved remember, from a time fraught with pain and sadness.

A nice article was posted on the Associated Press site if you would like more information.

So on this Memorial Day, 2010, we offer a tribute not only to those who currently serve our country, those who have fallen in service of our country, but also those special ladies who honor and commemorate those fallen.

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