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Where In the World Are You From?


Good Morning Readers,

Truman and I use Host Gator for our internet hosting.   One of the things we enjoy the most about Host Gator, is the ability to see what countries the visits are coming from.

Host Gator Country Display

Host Gator Country List

Truman and I love to travel and hear about other places.  So we thought it might be fun to set up a page where people can leave a comment, where they are from and what their town or country has to offer to visitors.   But before I do that, I thought it might be wise to put a quick post and get some feedback from our readers.

Would you be willing to play along?

And if anyone knows of a good pin map that I could use that would run with word press, that information would be helpful also.

I am not sure where this will develop.  Maybe I will get some great ideas on where to visit.  🙂

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Truman and Sharon

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